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Our Quality and Compliance Board has oversight of the care outcomes which our residents experience.

The accountability structure in which the Board operates is: Group Accountability Structure

and its terms of reference is: Quality Compliance Board Terms of Reference

The board is chaired by Anne Tidmarsh:

Anna Tidmarsh

Anne Tidmarsh

Chair of the Quality & Compliance Board and Service Development Director

Our Compliance Managers are accountable to the Board:

Fabienne Delacroix

Fabienne Delacroix

Compliance Manager

Daniel Throssell

Daniel Throssell

Compliance Manager

Our digital systems are used to provide a comprehensive suite of reports to inform the compliance process:

Daily Reports, which include:

  • Planned Care Performance
  • Daily Call Bell Response Time
  • Daily Medicines Refused
  • Medicines Administration and Stock Management Performance
  • Oral Care

Weekly Scorecards, which include:

  • Residents: Home occupancy and turnover; essential documentation; falls; pressure ulcers; hydration; Urinary Tract Infections; care plan reviews, care provided as planned; call bell response times; Medication management; weights.
  • Staff: Staffing levels, turnover and retention; essential documentation; handovers having been read; exit interviews; staff 1:1 supervision; staff training.
  • Home Management: Safeguarding; CQC notifications; complaints; review of staff supervision.

The Compliance Managers review the scorecards to monitor the progress of the Home, liaising with Home Managers whenever action needs to be taken.

Monthly Board Meetings

The Compliance Managers produce a monthly report for each home taking daily and weekly data into consideration, together with their visits to the homes. They present these reports at the monthly board meeting. This provides a forum for discussing any concerns, risks, lessons learned as well as any positive achievements. Any ensuing action plans are shared with the Home Managers and monitored by the Compliance Managers until completion.

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