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Digital Transformation

We have adopted the principle of Real Time Compliance Management to ensure that good standards of care are upheld to benefit our residents across every hour of the day. This is only possible through comprehensive Digital Transformation comprising of investment in digital systems and the establishment of a Support Centre to support our staff to use these systems to their full potential.

Experienced Nurse Consultant, Aubrey Sibiya, reflects on digital transformation at Graham Care

We are now at the third and final stage of the Digital Transformation process which may be summarised as follows:

Stage 1: Digitising care

The initial digitisation process by implementing a digital care system, mobile device systems and digital care apps:

  • The care provider has started their digital journey.
  • One or two software products have been implemented to support the provision of care, but these are yet to be integrated together.
  • The care provider aspires to having a digital-led care model but is still working out how to achieve this.
  • Some use of paper-based systems still exist within the home(s).

Stage 2: Joining up care

Joining up care by integrating with best in class specialists, collaborating with partners and de-risking the use of incompatible digital systems:

  • The care provider has utilised mobile technology within their home(s).
  • They are working with the sectors ‘best in breed’ software providers to ensure the systems are working efficiently and that data sharing is enabled.
  • The care provider is well established on their digital journey and are working to get the most out of their data to provide holistically informed decisions.
  • The care provider has shifted their focus beyond compliance and are now focussed on driving outstanding care across the board.

Stage 3: Transforming care

Transforming care through data accessibility, incisive analysis and the ability to provide predicted and preventative care:

  • This is the Care Home of the Future!
  • This care provider is using their extensive data to create predictive analytics and provide preventative interventions.
  • This model relies on the power of data which is collated from numerous sources in the provision of care.

Digital Systems to provide real time information

We have adopted the approach of using established systems in each specialist area as follows:

  1. Care Planning & Recording:
  2. Medication Management:
  3. Resident Sleep & Pulse/Breathing Monitoring (when in bed):
  4. Resident Vital Signs Monitoring (for those who wear the device):
  5. Call Bell Alerts: and
  6. Resident Movement Tracking using wrist bands and radio signals:
  7. Staff Movement Tracking using Bluetooth on their hand held devices:

The data from each of these systems flows into our own “data lake”.  We now have specialised data scientists working on the development of the necessary algorithms to make useful predictions and identify areas of potential risk.

Will Graham

Will Graham

Digital Transformation Manager

Support Centre

We have set up a team of staff in a Support Centre in Addlestone, Surrey. These staff have access to all of the digital systems and are set up to be in constant communication with the care staff directly to their hand-held devices. The team consists of two roles:

  1. Care Planners to undertake regular reviews of each resident’s care plan informed by the care staff in the homes, the residents and their families together with the various professionals involved.
  2. Support Assistants to:
    1. Monitor care outcomes and support care staff on a 24/7 basis 
    2. Co-ordinate Staff Recruitment, Supervisions & Training
    3. Produce and manage Staff Rotas in consultation with each home’s Registered Manager

Support Centre Staff Job Descriptions

Support Centre Staff Job Descriptions

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