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Graham Care to move forward with 5 year, £85 million Development Programme

Pre-start Planning conditions discharged enabling site operations to commence at Woodchurch House Phase 2.

The 22-suite development is now substantially designed with advanced packages tendered and project planning finalised to enable works to commence on site in late summer this year, with completion anticipated in Autumn 2019.

Woodchurch House will be the first development from the Graham Land & Developments Ltd £85 million build programme to start on site and will be closely followed by Phase 1 of our £21.3 million development at Estuary View in Whitstable.

The first Phase at Whitstable will focus on the 101 suite Integrated Community Health Centre with our design and project management teams working hard to discharge the pre-start planning conditions to enable construction works to commence in late 2018.

In addition to our active developments and following positive feedback from the recent public consultation at Harpwood House at Sevenoaks in Kent, our development team is preparing for a pre-application meeting with Planners to finalise details of our proposed 80-suite development to replace the existing 44 bed care home.

For all enquiries regarding Current and Planned Developments, contact Paul Stephens of Chessmann at

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