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Quality Assurance


Commitment to Quality

Our priority is the wellbeing and best interests of our residents. To that end, we have established a multifaceted, quality-focused system to continuously and proactively improve on the standards of our care.

Weekly Visits

Our compliance managers all have a wealth of experience and expertise in social care at their disposal and are committed to visiting each of our homes at least once a week. During these visits, the compliance manager will pay close attention to care being given and use these insights to give constructive feedback to the home manger and care staff.

Weekly compliance meetings, involving the managers and the owner, set out actions to address areas for improvement.

Real Time Compliance Management

Our home managers are supported with compliance dashboards. Data is streamed from all our records systems into a user-friendly dashboard, giving managers and stakeholders a comprehensive view of the standard of care in real-time. We also incorporate qualitative judgements from our expert compliance managers to supplement these quantitative metrics with a human insight.

Our compliance dashboards free managers from paperwork and reporting, enabling them to focus on relationship-centred care.

Staff Training – Network of Buddies

We ensure our staff are equipped with the training they need to provide excellent care to our residents. We have implemented a ‘buddy’ system which involves picking outstanding individuals to lead by example for new starters and individuals who might need a bit of extra help.

Our buddies are led by our experienced Training Manager who visits all our homes on a frequent basis to train our buddies, supporting them with a high level of expertise about delivering relationship-centred care.

    Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Paramount in our approach to care is the views and concerns of our residents and their relatives. With this in mind, we hold Customer Satisfaction Surveys which are carried out twice a year in each Home by Philip McAuley of Care Home Satisfaction Surveys, a specialist independent research organization. Views regarding the standard of care are ascertained anonymously and audited for comparison with other care homes. Suggested areas for improvement are compiled so that an improvement plan can be implemented.

    ISO Quality Accreditation

    To assist us with our continual improvement programme, we have been awarded the International Standard ISO 9001:2008

    Care Plan Reviews

    In addition to the daily reporting by carers in each resident’s care plan, a monthly review of all care plans is undertaken by the Home Manager.

    Health & Safety Management

    A contract is in place with an external company to inspect and advise on all aspects of Health and Safety.

    Complaints Procedure

     Our complaints procedure is clearly shown on each Home’s website and an “open door” policy is held by the Manager.



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