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Graham Care Awards 2019

Graham Care Awards were created to celebrate the achievements of those members of staff who are helping transform the lives of people with dementia and physical frailty. In 2019 our theme is Love at Work, recognising staff who not only deliver great care on a daily basis but who also put love at the heart of everything they do.

Three staff members from each home are nominated by residents, their relatives and friends who have seen for themselves the outstanding qualities these individuals bring to the care and support of their loved ones.

Owner of Graham Care Group Ernie Graham said: “The Awards recognise staff who excel in delivering relationship-centred care on a daily basis; individuals who motivate the team around them and who positively enjoy supporting our residents and giving them the individualised care, companionship and stimulation that facilitates their well-being.”

Our winners for 2019 were:

Harpwood: Kodie Jarvis, Marius Sidoriuc and Doug Miller

Woodchurch House: Kellie Chalk, Chelsi Simms and Beverley Rossiter

Hazeldene House: Erzsebet Gal, Kim Livingstone and Rodica-Maria Osvada

Cornford House: Elena Roman, Monica Bartos and Dragos Habadan

Hawkhurst House: Callum Jennings, Rodica-Elena Piturca and Zoe-May Palumbo

Rodwell House: Ana Craciun, Geani Gabriel Mosila and Vasile Horatiu Hui- Prodan

Hawkinge House: Josin Jose, Alison Tracy and Carol Shelton

Graham Care Awards

Woodchurch Care Awards 2019

Rodwell Care Awards 2019

Hazeldene Care Awards 2019

Hawkinge Care Awards 2019

Hawkhurst Care Awards 2019

Harpwood Care Awards 2019

Cornford Care Awards 2019

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