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Planned Developments

Cornford House, Tunbridge Wells Phase 2

A new 60 suite care facility is being drawn up to complement the existing Cornford Court Care Facility. Specialist consultants are currently undertaking surveys and reports to accompany a full planning application which is targeted for formal submission by the end of 2016.

Early pre application discussions were undertaken with the local planning authority at the beginning of the year to seek guidance on the information they will require.

The proposed building looks to acknowledge the existing architectural style on site and blend into the landscape.

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Southlands House, Sittingbourne

We have recently acquired the former Southlands Assessment Unit in Bobbing. Early dialogue has started with Swale Borough Council to bring this site back to life by providing a new fit for the future care facility to assist with the local community’s demand. The local authority has assisted the development team in understanding the site’s opportunities and constraints and we will be undertaking a public consultation to the local community to obtain early feedback on the proposals.

Tadley House, Basingstoke

An application has been placed for a new 120 suite Care Home. A combination of single and double suites are proposed so that couples can stay together even when one develops the need for on-going care. Independence is encouraged with the provision of an en-suite wet-room in each suite.

Communal areas will allow the residents to come together into one location. The building will follow the local vernacular and the form and material use will reflect the surroundings, on the main entrance to imitate the existing golf course club house.

The external design composition is a product of the site constraints and the design philosophy, but it is also related to the relationships between the internal spaces and our aspiration to create an environmentally friendly and responsible building which informs the design solution.

The application is due to conclude in September 2016.

Estuary View, Whitstable Phase 2

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